FTP account allows you to connect to your FTP server and manage your site’s files. If you want to give somebody else an access to your FTP server, you must create new FTP accounts and assign them to corresponding directory on your web server. To create a new FTP account, follow these steps:


1. Login to your cPanel control panel

2. Locate “Files” section and click on FTP accounts

3. Enter your desired FTP username in “Login:” field. Note that you cannot create an FTP username without your primary domain name in it, so your FTP username will always look like this – [email protected]

4. Provide and enter a password you want to use for your FTP login. You can use Password Generator tool to generate a strong and secure password. Make sure you write the password down somewhere

5. In “Directory:” field you must enter the directory access you want this FTP account to have. You can leave it blank, which means this FTP account will have access to ALL web sites located on your server

6. Quota is the maximum amount of bandwidth you want this FTP account to use

7. Press on “Create FTP Account” button to finish the set-up process

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